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Some One - Akon Free Mp3 Download Some One

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Guest post: 20 Free Online Resources for French Language Learners

Guest post: 20 Free Online Resources for French Language Learners: "

When Karen got in touch with me about guest blogging here, I wasn't sure that a post on resources for French language learners would be entirely appropriate to this blog, but then I received her article and was so impressed by the quality of the sites she lists that I decided to share them with you. I hope you find them interesting.

20 Free Online Resources for French Language Learners

Whether you're planning your dream vacation to France or just want to learn the French language for fun, the resources you need are just a click away. From online courses to language learning communities, the Internet has loads of French language resources that are feely available to anyone with a computer. Here are 20 free online resources for French language learners to try:

Carnegie Mellon - Carnegie Mellon offers a free French I and French II course for self-learners. These courses feature interactive video, self-guided materials, and activities.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT provides several free French language and literature courses that can be taken online. Through the use of assignments, activities, and other resources, these courses teach an understanding of vocabulary, grammatical concepts, and active communication.

FSI Language Courses - The FSI Language course offers an introduction to French phonology and basic concepts. Within this free course, learners can find 10 chapters on phonology and two basic course volumes covering 12 units each. - is a free French learning site that provides learning through lessons, tests, and more than 150,000 audio samples. This site also allows students to track learning progress and compare their progress with that of other users.

The French Tutorial - The French Tutorial is a great place for beginners to learn the French language. The free standard edition of the tutorial features a free 6-day mini course covering vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

BBC - The BBC offers an all-in-one beginner's course and a 10-part talk French video. Learners can also get a crash course in holiday phrases and French slang.

wordProf French - This site, originally developed as a French teaching CD-ROM, provides over 600 basic vocabulary words with audio recordings. The site also offers interactive scenes, online lessons, and vocabulary tests.

Loquella - Loquella features 30 hours of free audio and text French lessons. The site also provides MP3 lessons for purchase.

Learn French - This site features thousands of audio files and a community forum for French learners. Additional resources include a blog, lessons, study tips, how-to's, and a French e-course.

Bonjour - This teaching site provides free audio lessons for learning basic French. Bonjour allows users to listen to and repeat greetings, expressions, and beginning vocabulary.

Jump Gate - This site features a free French language course to help you understand the written language. The course has nine lessons covering pronunciation, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and sentence structure. Jump Gate also provides additional vocabulary resources, expressions, and idioms.

Radio Lingua Network - The Radio Lingua Network offers four podcasts to help French language learners. Podcast episodes run from 2-20 minutes and are aimed at beginning and intermediate level students.

FrenchSpanish Online - This free learning site offers basic French vocabulary for beginners. FrenchSpanish Online also features a tool for conjugating a verb in French.

Livemocha - Livemocha features free online French lessons for beginner and intermediate level students. Language lessons cover speaking, reading, and writing.

French Revision - French Revision has loads of interactive exercises for individuals who want to learn how to read, write, and speak French. The easy-to-use site was designed for ages 11-18 but works well for adults too. - This site features a series of free video for high school, college, and adult learners. The series includes more than 50 half-hour videos to increase fluency in French.

Speak 7 - Speak 7 provides resources for speaking and understanding the French Language. Resources cover vocabulary, grammar, and phrases.

Tex's French Grammar - Tex's French Grammar uses an epic love story to entertain and engage French learners through vocabulary and grammar. This site also features a large selection of MP3 files to follow text resources.

iTalki - iTalki is a free online language learning site that incorporates web 2.0 resources. French learners can use this site to find language partners, courses, groups, and answers to questions about French language and culture.

L'Argot - L'Argot provides five free lessons in French slang. Throughout this site, learners can also find audio files for vocabulary, contractions, and an English translator.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes for, an online college resource.


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Could You Bike From England To Tokyo? These Guys Did!

Could You Bike From England To Tokyo? These Guys Did!: "All I can say is what an amazing adventure this must have been. I totally get that these 2 would have laughed before collapsing and falling asleep after their trek across the mountain when the road ran out! Awesome!

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Amazing Toronto Lightning Storm!

Toronto Lightning Storm from Sam Javanrouh on Vimeo.

10 Top Things To Do In Tokyo

10 Top Things To Do In Tokyo: "The 10 things described in this post are said to be 'offbeat' by the author. While I'm not so sure about the offbeat reference, I do think these are some great things for visitors to do when they're visiting Tokyo and I share the author's sentiments about item 8. That was my first experience o

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Shiver me Timbers. Oracle buys Sun for $7.5 billion

This is gonna cause a serious tremor in the force. Where did this come from? I thought IBM was down to buy sun! This will change everything! Bet IBM are kicking themselves now!

sun java
sun java

Sun Microsystems has agreed to be bought by US tech giant Oracle in a $7.4bn (£5.1bn) deal, just two weeks after takeover talks with IBM fell apart.

Oracle announced today that it will pay $9.50 a share for Sun, making the company the latest in a string of acquisitions for Oracle's chief executive Larry Ellison.

Sun's board has unanimously backed the deal, which is likely to have major implications for the IT industry.

Oracle's offer is only slightly more than IBM was proposing to pay. The future of Sun was plunged into uncertainty on 6 April when the IBM talks collapsed.

from The Guardian

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Daughter gets caught with guys in bedroom

A daughter gets caught by her parents with a few of her male friends in her bedroom

The Incredible Breakdancing Toddler!

Most of us are still struggling with our WALKING skills at this age & this little toddler dude is doing one handed hand stands & flips! The kid is AWESOME!

Funny - Funny Videos

Have you got a porn buddy?

When you need to get rid of all of your porn in an emergency, make sure you have a porn buddy!

Darling, dont mess with my gun! So funneeeee

This can be considered evil to prank your wife like this but it is damn funny

Fat, Lazy? Then you need this!

A super absorbent cover for fat people, so they don't have to stop eating to go to the bathroom! What will they think of next?

Funny - Funny Videos

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Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do

Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea (1938) "Vendredi"

French author & existentialist philosopher (1905 - 1980)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Deadly Germ Unleashed by Antibiotics

For years, health officials have rung the alarm about overuse of antibiotics and the emergence of “superbugs” that resist treatment. But the spread of a deadly germ linked with antibiotic use shows just how immediate the threat really is.

The culprit is Clostridium difficile, a bacteria that can cause life-threatening infection, diarrhea and stomach pain. What is so frightening about C. difficile is that it is typically triggered by a round of antibiotic use. Although they kill the targeted infections, antibiotics also wipe out beneficial bacteria, which can make a body more vulnerable to C. difficile infection.

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Excuse me but WTF do you think you are doing?

We’ve seen the collapse of communism and now we’re seeing the collapse of capitalism. Surely, somewhere in between there must be a better middle road

for us to travel

Japanese Communist Party

This Is Why You’re Jason Statham!

Jason Statham

Possible the best acting you will ever see!

Music producer Phil Spector convicted of murdering actress Lana Clarkson

Los Angeles jury passes guilty verdict after nine days of deliberations

From - Link

Music producer Phil Spector convicted of murdering actress Lana Clarkson

Betty Hutton, Star of ’40s and ’50s, Dies at 86

The bouncy blonde bombshell star of Hollywood musicals who bounced back from bankruptcy and depression dies at 86.

Her life looks like it should be the subject of a movie itself!

From - Link

Betty Hutton dies at 86

HIMYM - What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam? can’t peanut butter your d*ck up someone’s *ss.



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Does Mikeyy spell the end of Twitter?

Twitter Worm

The micro-blogger Twitter has been clobbered by a number of XSS attacks that placed unwanted messages on users' profiles.

The "Mikeyy" worm spreads the infection when Twitter users click onto an infected page from a tweet from an infected user. That users then tweets other users.

Reports have said the 17-year-old script kiddey creator of the StalkDaily site named Michael "Mikeyy" Mooney admitted creating the virus attack "out of boredom."

From ComputerWorld

Somebody realized they could save url encoded data to the profile URL field that would not be properly escaped when re-displayed. This is particularly nasty because you could get infected simply by viewing somebody’s profile page on Twitter that was already infected. If you visited an infected profile, the JavaScript in the profile would execute and by doing so tweet the mis-leading link, and update your profile with the same malicious JavaScript thereby infecting anybody that then visits your profile.

What's particularly dangerous is that this worm generated tweets which tricked other users to click onto its links, because they come from what seem to be reliable sources such as friends and family members.
In this case, the messages were fairly innocuous and were used to drive traffic ... However, what if the URL was linked to MORE malicious code?

Havent we been here before with emails and IM Clients. Why are we, or in this case, Twitter, not learning lessons of the past.

Even if this is not the end of Twitter, it will certainly be the beginning of the rise of the 3rd party clients, as everyone, even the basic users, look for more secure ways of getting their Twitter fix...

Flash your boobs, save the world...very funny!

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History Of Facebook

On February 4th, 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched The Facebook, a social network that was at the time exclusively for Harvard students. It was a huge hit: in 2 weeks, half of the schools in the Boston area began demanding a Facebook network. Zuckerberg immediately recruited his friends Dustin Moskowitz and Chris Hughes to help build Facebook, and within four months, Facebook added 30 more college networks.

The original idea for the term Facebook came from Zuckerberg’s high school (Phillips Exeter Academy). The Exeter Face Book was passed around to every student as a way for students to get to know their classmates for the following year. It was a physical paper book until Zuckerberg brought it to the internet.

With this initial success, Moskowitz, Zuckerberg, and Hughes moved out to Palo Alto for the summertime and rented. Weeks later, Zuckerberg ran into the former cofounder of Napster, Sean Parker. Parker soon moved in to Zuckerberg’s apartment and they began working together. Parker provided the introduction to their first investor, Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and managing partner of The Founders Fund. Thiel invested some $500,000 into Facebook.

With millions more users, Friendster attempted to acquire the company for $10 million in mid 2004. Facebook turned down the offer and subsequently received $12.7 million in funding from Accel Partners, at a valuation of around $100 million. Facebook continued to grow, opening up to high school students in September 2005 and adding an immensely popular photo sharing feature the next month. The next spring, Facebook received $25 million in funding from Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital, as well as previous investors Accel Partners and Peter Thiel. The pre-money valuation for this deal was about $525 million. Facebook subsequently opened up to work networks, eventually amassing over 20,000 work networks. Finally in September 2006, Facebook opened to anyone with an email address.

In the summer of 2006, Yahoo attempted to acquire the company for $1 billion dollars. Reports actually indicated that Zuckerberg made a verbal agreement to sell Facebook to Yahoo. A few days later when Yahoo’s stock price took a dive, the offer was lowered to $800 million and Zuckerberg walked away from the deal. Yahoo later offered $1 billion again, this time Zuckerberg turned Yahoo down and earned instant notoriety as the “kid” who turned down a billion. This was not the first time Zuckerberg turned down an acquisition offer; Viacom had previously unsuccessfully attempted to acquire the company for $750 million in March, 2006.

One sour note for Facebook has been the controversy with social network ConnectU. The founders of ConnectU, former classmates of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard, allege that Zuckerberg stole their original source code for Facebook. The ordeal has gone to court, and has now been resolved.

Notwithstanding this lingering controversy, Facebook’s growth in the fall of 2007 was staggering. Over 1 million new users signed up every week, 200,000 daily, totaling over 50 million active users. Facebook received 40 billion page views a month. Long gone were the days of Facebook as a social network for college students. 11% of users are over the age of 35, and the fastest growing demographic is users over 30. Facebook has also seen huge growth internationally; 15% of the user base is in Canada. Facebook users’ passion, or addiction, to the site is unparalleled: more than half use the product every single day and users spend an average of 19 minutes a day on Facebook. Facebook is 6th most trafficked site in the US and top photo sharing site with 4.1 billion photos uploaded.

Based on these types of numbers, Microsoft invested $240 million into Facebook for 1.6 percent of the company in October 2007. This meant a valuation of over $15 billion, making Facebook the 5th most valuable US Internet company, yet with only $150 million in annual revenue. Many explained Microsoft’s decision as being solely driven by the desire to outbid Google.

Facebook’s competitors include MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Tagged, Hi5, Piczo, and Open Social.

From CrunchBase - Link

Somethings clicking. I want you to find out what, and click the holy hell out of it

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Land deals you can buy for under $5,000!.

Land deals you can buy for under $5,000!.

Land and Property prices in the US are now at 2002 levels, with a good chance they will fall even further still

Look at what you can get for under $5000 - Link Here

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Paul McCartney's Website Hacked While Onstage

ScanSafe security experts found the LuckySploit malicious software, on Sir Paul’s website in the morning of April 5.

It is believe that the cybercriminals that deployed the hack were hoping to take advantage of the increased traffic to the website in a bid to infect more users.

LuckySploit is a piece of software, that will infect web site users, in something called a drive-by download, to infect victims with malware or rootkits.

Drive-by downloads are considered to be the download of spyware, virus or malware that occurs without the consent or knowledge of the user. They can take plave when going to a particular website, reading an e-mail or by clicking on a dodgy popup.

As well as compromising high traffic legitimate sites, such as Sir Paul Mccartneys or Paris Hiltons, there are also various sites online used to lure or trap victims (using current news, celebrity gossip etc to bring in the traffic).

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Kanye West is a Gay Fish...

According to South Park anyway...

36 Reasons Flickr is a Photographer’s Ultimate Tool

Mention Flickr to some professional photographers and you might get a look that most people wear after sniffing sour milk. “It’s for amateurs,” they’ll tell you. Or “It’s all puppies, parties and sunsets,” they’ll say.

And yet it’s still the most important photo-sharing site on the Web, a place that photographers flock to for ideas and photo users surf for images. We’re not saying that Flickr is the only place you should be marketing your images, but here are 36 reasons why you should be using it to show — and sell — your photos.

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Has Kanye West been watching Back To The Future 2?

Kanye West has his own Nike shoe: Air Yeezy I shit you not, that is what they are called. It's the first time a major musical artist has a shoe that is completely their design. However, I think it's interesting that Kanye's shoes look a lot like the pair Marty McFly donned in Back To The Future 2...

From Dallas Observer - Link

Marty McFly

What does a photo journalist who needs to travel light take with him?

I get a lot of emails from people asking how I pack for my trips. I find myself traveling a lot since I moved overseas and every trip is a bit of a challenge making sure I have the right amount of gear without becoming hindered by the weight of my packs. Below is a photo of the gear I took with me for a 10-day trip to Cambodia

From Kevin German - Link

Kevin German

20 Largest Social Bookmarking Sites

Here are the 20 Largest Social Bookmarking Sites ranked by a combination of Inbound Links, Alexa Rank, and U.S. traffic data from Compete and Quantcast. Although no traffic metrics are completely accurate we do believe the data below to be useful for gauging relative audience size

From Ebizmba - Link

Earthquake of 4.7 magnitude shakes southcentral Alaska

Large areas of south central Alaska were shaken today by an earthquake of magnitude of 4.7. The epicentre of the quake was 20 miles north of Anchorage.

The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center say the tremor was felt over a large area but was shallow, about 16 miles deep.

No injuries or damage have been reported thus far.

The glaciers in Alaska, Greenland and Antarctica put the land under huge loads that hold the potential for earthquakes, but can also stabilise the results of tectonic plate action, the main cause of earthquakes generally. As the load is released by melting ice, these loads can be released as earthquakes, which can also caused by the release of the pressure on the plates.

alaska earthquake

Looking at the Alaska Earthquake Information Centre recent earthquake page
- Link Here
earthquakes are a constant feature in south and central Alaska at the moment

alaska recent earthquakes

In a Sakura Kimono

A young women in a lovely spring kimono decorated with cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen.

From Nihon Sun - Link


Scary Rapper!


The 7 Qualities of an Expert Programmer

If your an expert programmer...think you may recognise this in yourself!

Experts do not need rules to make decisions. They have qualities that allow them to consistently make good decisions and show high level of performance under different circumstances without any rules. This post discusses these core qualities that turn a novice into an expert.

From - Link

Expert Programmer

Jaguar Skills Mix - 30 years of hip-hop in 60 minutes

History of Hip-Hop Mega Mix by Jaguar Skills...


[To Read Original and view track listing Click Here]

Download Mix Here

Jaguar Skills

Twitter need to sort out their performance and capacity issues, pronto!

I cant believe they are looking at offering premium accounts when their servers are throwing up messages like this

403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.

Seriously....just bite the bullet and get yourselves some heavyweight iron, pronto!

Give IBM a call...sure it wont be cheap...but at least it will work!

New Kid Cudi 'Poker Face' ft. Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Common

Via - Link

New Kid Cudi Poker Face ft. Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Common

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Why are the Wii and DS so popular, even in a recession?

Apparently the richest man in Japan is the retired former president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi. This is on the back of the fantastic Wii and DS sales...

From Japan Times - Link


Woz dances: "like watching a Teletubby going mad"



Saturday, 4 April 2009

Man charged in death of Blues Brothers actor Lou Perryman, 67

“Witnesses there say he struck up a conversation with the homeowner and went inside. A few minutes later, from across the street, Henry Barta, says he spotted his neighbor's car pull away.” The next morning Tatum turned himself in at the Travis County Courthouse, announcing that the car he’d arrived in was stolen and that he was pretty sure he’d killed the owner. When police arrived at Perryman’s home, they determined the story was true: “Perryman was dead. Investigators say his body was covered with multiple slash marks.”

From - Link

Lou PerryMan

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dealing with picky eaters!

I've gotten a number of emails from moms wondering what to do with children who are picky eaters. One mom writes:

I have three kids age 6 and under. My husband is an over the road trucker and gone all the time. It's hard to come up with stuff that everyone will eat. No one likes hamburger. Not big on the veggies, although I do offer them. What can you suggest?

Our children actually eat some of whatever we're having for our meals. We have made them do this from the time they started eating solid foods (at about 10 months old) starting with whatever they were able to eat. I started with giving them some of whatever vegetable we were eating for the meal. Then fruit... that sort of thing

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Japanese pop artist arrested in late February for tagging graffiti in NY Subway

Yoshitomo Nara, a contemporary Japanese pop artist known for sculptures and paintings of doe-eyed figures, was arrested in late February for tagging graffiti in the Union Square subway station, a New York Police Department official said Monday.

Nara was arrested at 3:10 a.m. on Feb. 27 and charged with criminal mischief, possession of graffiti instruments, making graffiti and resisting arrest, detective Martin Speechley told Kyodo News in a phone interview

From breitbart - Link

honen Knife's

London G20 Protest in Pictures

From Guardian - Link


Amazon launches a brand new cloud computing service called Floating Amazon Cloud Environment, or FACE

The FACE uses durable, unmanned helium-filled blimps with a capacity of 65,536 small EC2 instances, or a proportionate number of larger instances. The top of each blimp is coated in polycrystalline solar cells which supply approximately 40% of the power needed by the servers and the on-board navigation, communication, and defense systems. The remainder of the power is produced by clean, efficient solid oxide fuel cells. There's enough fuel onboard to last about a month under normal operating conditions. Waste heat from the fuel cells and from the servers is used to generate additional lift.

From Amazon Web Services Blog - Link


Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

Consolidating its position at the cutting edge of new media technology, the Guardian today announces that it will become the first newspaper in the world to be published exclusively via Twitter, the sensationally popular social networking service that has transformed online communication.

The move, described as "epochal" by media commentators, will see all Guardian content tailored to fit the format of Twitter's brief text messages, known as "tweets", which are limited to 140 characters each. Boosted by the involvement of celebrity "twitterers", such as Madonna, Britney Spears and Stephen Fry, Twitter's profile has surged in recent months, attracting more than 5m users who send, read and reply to tweets via the web or their mobile phones

From Guardian - Link


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Create your own animations....Akon + Bush vs Osama! Akon blows up Osama

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

New Media Douchebags Explained

The world of Wallace and Gromit recreated in Science Museum

The world of Wallace and Gromit has been recreated in a £2m exhibition on the second floor of the Science Museum, complete with mad machines, giant cabbages, villainous rabbits, extensive research library on cheese, improbable collections – one illustrating the evolution of the welly boot – and kitchen cupboards stuffed with the packets and jars fondly remembered from Park's own childhood in Preston, Lancashire

From Guardian - Link

Aaron Spelling's $150M Mansion

Possibly loony widow Candy Spelling says she chose her real estate agent after watching Madison, her dog, react to each candidate

From Daily Beast - Link

Aaron Spelling's $150M Mansion

Lego Train Bombing...

Cool and Funny Lego Video...

16 Awesome Star Wars Papercraft Models

The amount and quality of paper craft models available for download is amazing. Chances are that anything that’s popular and geeky, has already been converted into a paper craft model.

Since Star Wars is both extremely popular and absolutely geeky, then it is not a surprise that loads of paper craft models are available on the web. Just follow the links and download the models. Beware, some these models are somewhat difficult to build. If you are novice, take a look at this article that will teach you how to make your own paper craft models along with some basic construction tips

From Creative Closeup - Link

Star Wars

The Future Of Gaming… Over The Internet To Your TV

OnLive delivers the hottest games from top publishers for instant, high-performance play on TV, PC or Mac over broadband…

City Of London bracing itself for G20 Protests

The G20 summit in London next week will be the target of widespread protests, many of which are being organised online. City workers have been warned that they might be targeted and police are preparing a massive security operation. But who are the protesters and what are they planning?

From Guardian - Link

G20 Protests

Button Takes Pole in Australia...Hamilton withdraws with mechanical problems..

From BBC - Link

Jensen Button takes pole in Australia

From AP

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Jenson Button led qualifying Saturday for the Formula One season-opening Australian Grand Prix, making the Brawn team the first in 39 years to take pole position on debut.
Button's time of 1 minute, 26.202 seconds edged out his teammate Rubens Barrichello by 0.30 seconds in Saturday's qualifying session.
It is the fourth pole position of Button's career, and the first since the 2006 Australian GP.
Before Saturday, the last team to secure pole in its debut race was Tyrrell at the 1970 Canadian Grand Prix.
It is a remarkable turnaround for the former Honda team. The Japanese automaker pulled out of F1 because of the cost in December, and there was doubt whether the team members and drivers had any future in the sport until team principal Ross Brawn completed a takeover earlier in the month

How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend...every woman needs to watch this!

Pretty much sums it up

From YouTube - Link

86 rules of boozing!

Haha...this is my personal favourite...

There’s nothing wrong with drinking before noon. Especially if you’re supposed to be at work

My version is...theres nothing wrong with drinking at lunchtime...especially if you have a meeting in the afternoon!

From Modern Drunkard - Link