Thursday, 9 April 2009

Paul McCartney's Website Hacked While Onstage

ScanSafe security experts found the LuckySploit malicious software, on Sir Paul’s website in the morning of April 5.

It is believe that the cybercriminals that deployed the hack were hoping to take advantage of the increased traffic to the website in a bid to infect more users.

LuckySploit is a piece of software, that will infect web site users, in something called a drive-by download, to infect victims with malware or rootkits.

Drive-by downloads are considered to be the download of spyware, virus or malware that occurs without the consent or knowledge of the user. They can take plave when going to a particular website, reading an e-mail or by clicking on a dodgy popup.

As well as compromising high traffic legitimate sites, such as Sir Paul Mccartneys or Paris Hiltons, there are also various sites online used to lure or trap victims (using current news, celebrity gossip etc to bring in the traffic).

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