Sunday, 21 March 2010

Fire Nancy Pelosi

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele indicated that Nancy Pelosi should be fired in order to make a statement. Steele spoke the following words shortly after the health care bill was approved, " It is time to fire Nancy Pelosi and send a message to President Obama that it's time to stop their partisan liberal agenda of government takeovers and start working for Americans to create jobs and grow our economy." Is this a legitimate statement to make?

nancy pelosi

Consequently, most republicans adamantly vowed to repeal the passing of the healthcare bill. According to them, the new health care system will be more detrimental to the American public and the government than the current one. It is suggested that tax payers will be paying over 500 billion dollars more in taxes and the government will be over 100 billion dollars in debt. Insurance premiums for non-employer based insurance will go up 10%, 9 million people will lose their current coverage, and 23 million people will be uninsured in 2019. The new insurance policy is in favor of allowing individuals up to the age of 26 remain on their parents' health insurance, and will help disabled people get better insurance; it will also allow cancer patients unlimited insurance. Sounds like we're going to be paying an awful lot in taxes. Does this sound like a positive change for Americans?

Democrats, on the other hand, are happy with the outcome, and with Nancy Pelosi. In fact, Representative Keith Ellis referred to Nancy Pelosi the "best Speaker in American History."


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