Friday, 27 March 2009

The Cisco Fatty Story - how to flush a job offer down the toilet

Have you heard about the whole Cisco Fatty incident. Girl gets a job offer from Cisco, but makes a schoolboy web 2.0 error, and disses the job on Twitter

Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work

Uh wonders if she realised how quickly this would go postal on her behind, and sweep the world, the minute she pushed the button...did she look for the undo button....or was she blissfully ignorant, until someone from Cisco posted a response

Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web

Theres a blow by blow account of the whole sorry saga over at Im Not Actually A Geek - Link


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