Sunday, 25 January 2009

Lupe says 'Hip-Hip coming to an end'

From xxlmag

“Not ‘end’ in the since of cease to exist,” he clarified. “But more so transform into something else so expression is more meaningful…I put question marks on it because I still question my own thoughts about the feeling. But so many “what the fuck?!?!” moments have piled up so incredibly over the last few years that it begs a rethink of the trajectory of the art form.

As far as who the next generation he is speaking of, Lupe listed the Cool Kids and Charles Hamilton in that category. “I’m a ‘new nigga’ but old in the senses of the fast food generation…. the ‘new new niggas’ i.e. The Cool Kids, the incredibly interesting and though provoking Charles Hamilton and the like are the vanguard I speak of…honestly I want it to change…never really been a fan of preserving…attention span is way too low and distorted for that hahaha.”

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