Sunday, 25 January 2009

Nuyorican - New York Puerto Rican

From Wikipedia

Just added the google hot gadget to this page, and this term came up as being on fire, so checked it out on Wikipedia. Interesting....

Nuyorican is a blending of the terms "New York" and "Puerto Rican" and refers to the members or culture of the Puerto Rican diaspora located in or around New York State especially the New York City metropolitan area with a major hub of over 500,000 Puerto Ricans living in Northern New Jersey, or of their descendants (especially those raised or still living in the New York area). The term is also used by Boricuas (Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico) to differentiate those of Puerto Rican descent from the Puerto Rico-born. The term Nuyorican is also sometimes used to refer to the Spanish spoken by New York Puerto Ricans. An estimated 800,000 Nuyoricans are said to live in New York city, the largest Puerto Rican community outside Puerto Rico. Nuyoricans are not considered Puerto Ricans by Boricuas due to cultural differences

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