Friday, 20 February 2009

Man Gets Life in Prison For Killing Wife Who Changed Facebook Status to 'Single'

From Gizmodo

Is it me, or are some people taking this Facebook stuff just a little bit too seriously. Although has to be said, has to be embarrasing when all your mates start emailing you asking when you split up!

Edward Richardson, douche bag, got what he deserved this week when a jury of his peers convicted him of murdering wife Sarah Richardson, after she changed her Facebook status from "married" to "single."

Richardson received a life sentence for stabbing his estranged wife to death last May. She was living at her parent's home at the time following a falling out. When she later changed her status to "single," Richardson broke in and killed her. Later, he tried and failed to kill himself.

This is the third U.K.-based Facebook murder story to happen in the past year.

'douche bag', lol!

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