Sunday, 1 February 2009

Akon forced to eat at Burger King...

From Yahoo! Music News

Akon was mobbed by hundreds of fans and forced to hide in a fast food restaurant during a recent visit to London, he has claimed.

The US chart-star was in the UK capital last weekend when he decided to visit a cinema in Leicester Square.

However, the outing quickly descended into farce when the singer was spotted, he told a British tabloid.

"The intention was to go and watch a movie, but as we were walking there I spotted this little cat-fight in the middle of the street", Akon explained.

"It was really funny so I started filming it on my phone. I forgot who I was for a second, and people started to notice me - before I knew it I was being mobbed by about 300 fans.

"I had to run to the nearby Burger King, but it got so crazy with people following that a window ended up getting smashed.

"They had to sneak us out the back and I never did get to see that film", said Akon, who appears at the US Super Bowl in Florida this weekend.

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